"Cooking up something good." Or still shooting breakfast, in Vancouver.

First Post for Landrmusic! Wrote a little something about Burt Bacharach’s Walk On By at its butteriest, with Isaac Hayes at the helm.

Many more personal anthem posts to come, hopefully. Stay tune. Lock in. Hold strong. Lalala.



Isaac Hayes’s “Walk On By”: Or Pure Lover Loserdom Made Hella Hot

something about those bits of music we all hear and love. About falling in love with a song, wearing out the cassette, moving the needle back again and again. No shuffle, just repeat. Some tracks just stick to you, like glue,

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Second cross on Bourbon…
First cross on Bourbon.
Still shooting: teeth suckers.
Note the Mickey ears.
Hot Cher: Window shopping in New Orleans.
From my inane new West-Wing-themed tumblr.

s01e08 - Enemies 
“I’m a National Park buff, Josh.” Those are some potentially awe-inspiringly boring words, Jed. I’m into it. Also, “Shenandoah” says POTUS; “perfect place to dump your body,” says Josh.
Leo has season tickets to the opera! I’m jealous! What a snob! He’s giving them to Mallory, his daughter, cause he’s got no wife to go with anymore … I take “snob” back, buddy.
Also, when she shows up all busty looking offering to take Sam Seaborn to the Chinese opera, it means, at least, OVER THE BRA ACTION. He knows what “absolutely no sex” absolutely doesn’t mean—probably. What a dog.
Land use rider = Strip mining Montana: TIME; CONTINUALLY; STANDING; STILL. Here’s a bit of that national park talk lighting a fire under Lyman’s beautiful ass. Fight that rider, you dog!
Sam got a shoeshine to really Seaborn it to the max, but freaking Leo in dad mode assigning a thank-you note to his immediate workload twenty minutes before the opera may put a damper on things (tune in to find out!). Telling him he’s going on a date with his daughter was valiant, but, like, dumb. She shows up looking ridiculously hot, and he has to beg her to stay while he writes a second draft. Oh buddy. She stays (Seaborn to the max!) until she fucks off to Leo-da-daddio’s office having figured out his power play and they argue and reconcile and agree on coffee and dessert, by which time Seaborn’s way too into the “Birthday message” for sweets and joe; he really wants to “nail this thing.” She compares him to dad; nicest thing Sam’s ever heard. Beautiful.
The antiquities act! Genius Montana-saving hoo-ha, and another National Park for Jed’s dork repertoire. Lyman learned something after all—full circle.
S01e06 – Mr. Willis of Ohio
In fun, “telling” facts: 
Jed is full of inane trivia to spout, especially when he’s trying to win at poker. For instance, the strawberry has its seeds on the outside.
When Toby berates everyone for not having copy of the constitution, it only emphasizes that he’s asking because he has no copy of his own.
Sam is better than everyone at understanding how unreliable sensus reporting practices currently are. It’s a boring gift (though the sum of all free men and 3/5th of the rest really does sound like it needs an amendment).
32-BILLION-DOLLAR SURPLUS. Josh’s assistant, Donna, is certainly not impressed that she isn’t getting her share back; she’s got a DVD player in mind.
C.J. drinks grasshoppers!
When Josh hits Zoey’s panic button and a bunch of secret service take those Georgetown townies making a ruckus out of the bar, it mostly just makes their table look like capital-hill douches, even if those guys kept hammering away with the “fairies” and “faggots.” Charlie still came out looking like he had a pair (and a bit of a shining for Zoey!).

Jed only freak’s out and asks Zoey if she did “anything at all to provoke those guys?” because he’s all scared after that lady got onto white house property with a gun meant for her pretty little head. It’s not tease-shaming or anything, right?
Still shooting: GMC 1954 100 in Montmartre.
Last days in Paris (Whitney Houston in the background).
Belleville charm.
Kid popped into my frame and started pissing.